Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How about some Athletics?

Which is the last time you got some real exercise? Well, mine is a long time ago and I'll have to get some. Call a few friends and organize a basketball game or something..
For now, I found a collection of sport games that you can play on your computer -exercising your hand and fingers- :)
As you can see on the screenshot, there's nine games to choose from, each one with it's own challenge to beat. The graphics are really simple but playing those games gets you addicted. You'll probably find yourself trapped in a time-hole while trying to beat the records.. Make this discus-golf ball-football fly away, shoot the arrow on target, perform a baseball home run and all the other stuff by clicking on this link: Sports Games Collection



At 11:44 AM, Anonymous LaWBreakeR said...

Man, really good games indeed! I got stack and did't want to stop!


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