Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Galactic Gravity Golf - Play with gravity!

Play Galactic Gravity GolfThere's a lot golf games with many play styles, but this one is the most original I've ever seen. The difference is that you play golf on space, with planets affecting the ball's path because of planetary gravity. The bigger and heavier a planet is, the more gravity force will apply on the ball. Your aim is to put the ball in one of the black holes on the level, shooting every time from a fixed position. If the ball hits a planet it explodes and you have to try again.
There's no limit for the shots you have, but each one above the level's par will decrease your points for that level. There's various gems spread on the levels witch you can collect to increase your total points.
To control the shot's direction you use the left and right arrow keys, you set the power with up and down keys and you fire using the space bar. There's detailed instructions accessible through a main menu option if you want to have any additional information about the game.
To conclude, the game features good sound effects and cool drum&base music while you play. There's two songs to choose from and the ability to switch music off if you get bored hearing.
Here's the link: Galactic Gravity Golf

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