Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another Paper Toss Game

There's another post with the same subject on my blog. But I think this is a lot better than the other one and slightly different. This time a co-worker passes you the paper balls and you have to catch them on the air. After that you shoot the balls in the basket with no fan to change the ball's direction and it depends on how good your shot is to get the target.
Using your mouse you control the player's hand. By pressing and holding the left button you catch the balls on air. Then you move the hand towards the basket and release the button to fire a shot.
The funniest part is the comments you get from your co-worker who's reacting to your actions!
It's a great time-waster. Play it here: Cyrkam Airtos
Oh, and if you're bored to check my previous post, here's a link to the other paper ball throwing game: Paper Toss



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