Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Grain Strain - Collect the grain!

This game is a combination of Lemmings and The Incredible Machine. Grain falls from the air and you have to use various machines combinations to collect as much grain as you can in a bucket on the floor. If you manage to collect enough before the timer runs out, you move to the next level. And that's all about the gameplay.
Graphics have not anything special, just simple shaped objects of pour quality. This will not make you enjoy the game less, but I think the designer could make it better. There's no sound effects, only a repeating music track that is a little boring. This is not a big problem though, because you're pretty busy to complete the level and so you don't notice the music. Again, the designer could provide us an option to mute.
To play, press the button labeled "Start Game" and begin putting machines into place by dragging them from the toolbar on the bottom of the game screen to the main game area. When placed, the machines can be drug again and be placed somewhere else.
To start the game in it's own window click on the image above. Or click here visit the page the game is hosted on.



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