Thursday, August 24, 2006

Moover - A Nice Sokoban Variant

Sokoban is a classic puzzle game first released to the public on 1982 and it is well known to players worldwide as Tetris is. The game's subject is about moving all boxes to specified areas on each level and to do so, you have to calculate your moves. You have to be careful because some moves will result in a box not being movable anymore, and you will not be able to complete the level.
Moover is a Sokoban variant written completely in Javascript and PHP and can be played in any Javascript enabled browser. You control a funny cow trying to move all wooden boxes to the areas of the level marked with a red "X" sign. The levels are well designed and the difficulty is increasing normally as you move on. Also, if you have cookies enabled on your browser's settings, the game will automatically save your progress and you'll be able to continue from that level later. See the game's instructions for detailed information on saving and loading.
There's a settings page where you're able to configure the game's screen size and control keys. The default are as follows: Arrow keys to move around, U key to undo a move, O key to redo and Escape key to reset the level.
Click here to go to the original page.
If you want to have extended info on Sokoban History, check out this Wikipedia entry.



At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Clair Ching said...

This is awesome game. Sokoban is one of the mentally stimulating games I have seen and this is an interesting variant.


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