Friday, August 25, 2006

Cannon Fodder

The first game that lunched with the "Cannon Fodder" name was a real-time strategy and action game combination, very popular on the Amiga platform around 1993 and many others later on.
This one has nothing to do with the gameplay of the original game. It's a cannon shooting action game, where you try to destroy your enemy's cannon before he does. An interesting game detail is the way that wind affects your shots. To see witch way the wind is blowing and at witch speed, you have to notice the clouds. They're moving towards the winds direction.
Use left and right arrow keys to setup the angle of your cannon, hold the space bar and release when the power meter is at the desired position. If you miss the shot try again, a marker will be showing where you release the space bar on your previews shot so you can adjust the power better this time.
A cool game feature is multiplayer support. So you can challenge other players and show them your skills! By the time I was playing, there was no other players online so I can't say anything on how the game is performing in multiplayer.
A link to the original page: Cannon Fodder.

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