Monday, August 21, 2006

Dropkick The Faint!

This is another game following the style of many flash games on net. The ones that your objective is to throw something as far as you can. In this one you control the members of a punk-rock band, named The Faint. There's five band members and you have to make them run and kick a person from the crowd, who's standing on the stage, waiting to be thrown away from you :)
To start, first adjust the speed indicator on the top left corner of the game screen. The faster the speed the stronger the dropkick. Next, press the space bar to make the strength meter stop as close to the center as possible (it's moving periodically around the center, next to the speed indicator). At last, press the space bar again when you're close to the stage, and enjoy the results! The crowd member will fly away and finally hit the ground, leaving a blood line as he slides on the cement...
When the drop ends, information is show about your accuracy and the length of the drop. The points from each drop is summarized when you finish the fifth kickdrop to the total points that you scored. You can then submit your score and see the top-100 list of highscores.
This game is violent, but it's close to the punk music mood and after all, it's very funny. There's three songs of the band playing on the backround, witch can be swithed using the control buttons on the top-right corner of the game screen.
Click here to see the original page this game is coming from.


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