Friday, August 04, 2006

Highscores Competition - 3 Flash Games

Yesterday I came up with an idea: Find 3 nice flash games, put the links under the same post and invite players to submit their highscores as comments... And today I decided to make it!
So here you go:

Game #1 - Red Bull Flugtag

RedBull Flugtag Flash Game. Make this thing fly as far as you can!

Game #2 - Puzzle Bobble

The old time classic puzzle game, ported to flash. No need to say anything else about it.

Game #3 - RumbleBall 4

An inspired one. Hit all objects in the level with your ball, so you can proceed to the next one. Note: When you aim the triangle you control and the ball must be connected with a dotted line. Else you can't make the ball rumble..

To play a game, click on the game's image. After you have played each one of them, come back and leave a comment with your highscores. Here's mine:

Game #1: 110.124 ft
Game #2: 129010 Points, Round 8
Game #3: 34800 Points


At 12:14 AM, Anonymous CheckMyFord said...

Good idea mate! I scored:
Game #1: 107.864 ft
Game #2: 136543 Points, on Round 9
Game #3: 36120 Points.


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