Monday, September 04, 2006

Find Mulch - Match the pairs

Bored of playing concentration games that require you to find differences in pictures and want to try something else? Then this is for you. Try to identify those dwarfs by their noise. Your target is to find Mulch, a criminal dwarf. The problem is that all dwarfs look the same and the only way to go over this is the so-called "Gas Test". Every dwarf in front of you has an identical one that makes the same noise when you click his nose. Except of Mulch.
Take everybody else away and you win. Before you start I have to warn you: There's a lot of farting and burping separating you and Mulch!
Note: the game features a funny option with the name "Gas Bomb". Set the timer, turn on your speakers, and have fun amusing your friends or co-workers!
The original page is located here: Find Mulch.


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