Thursday, August 17, 2006

GROW nano vol.1 - A new addition to the series

Hello again to all of you! I'm back, refreshed and fully rejuvenated, ready to provide you new game links and reviews!
This time it's about the last addiction to the popular GROW series. The name is GROW nano vol.1, witch obviously follows GROW nano vol.0. The concept is almost the same in all the games coming from the designer at Eyezmaze. Click here and there in order to make things grow, usually with different outcome depending on your actions.
In this one, you start with a little stone on the bottom of the screen and try to find points highlighted with a dashed circle when the cursor is above them. If you click those points, the stone will grow and become something bigger, starting to take shape. The difference with the previous volume of this game is that you have all the time you want to search and find where to click until you finish the game (took me about 5 minutes) and see your creation fully functioning. The previous volume has a timer clocking and you have to click all the spots in fixed order and on time if you want to see the ending.
It's very small, indeed. But it's funny and enjoying and leaves you with curiosity to see what the next volume will look like.
When you're done playing, take a visit to the creator's home page by clicking this link. There, you can find all the games published and check the ones you've missed.
Oh, and here's the original page: GROW nano vol.1
Note: this game is played in 500x800 resolution, so if your screen height is not bigger than 800 pixels, the you're probably going to have problems playing it. In this case you can go to the original page. You will be able then to scroll and see the entire picture.



At 4:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good game took me 30 seconds to finish. I`m crazy with grow games try here is walkthrough to all grow games (yet)(

grow ver.1
spade wateringkan (with sun on it) vater fish_food earth/ground
forest/tree batter

grow ver.2
triangle box paper pipe? hole ball

grow ver.3
metal_box ladders egg orange_ball blue_mountain braun_gear pipe propel_thing hurricane plate round_metal(rocket booster) screen

grow RPG
house forest castle water brown_tover rock chest stairs

grow cube
human(yellow) water forest(star green thing and orane ball) pot glas_pipe fire plate bone spring ball

grow ornament
gift cloud heart light_bulp string/tape star

grow nano vol.2
stick crown paper/cloak

tribute to grow

tent electrick pink_blob yellow_blob rocket stonehedge sun ice nut pot/spring_thing lighthouse hole

chronon ver.0

Put wreath in fireplace.
Put clock on wall. (from top shelf)

Click the key on top of the clock to unlock the missing time.

Put wreath on table, followed by the large green egg on top.
Open window.

(monster will hatch from egg)
Remove ledge from fireplace.
Attach rope to ledge.
Put empty milk bottle in monster's arms. (from left shelf)

Click on rope to bring monster back inside.

Click on red berry (next to monster) to put it on floor.
Attach rope to red berry.
Put round water jar on left side of table.
Put milk jar on right side of table.

Put clock on wall.

Lengthen clock's tail.

Remove wood (from under the cage), place it on the top shelf.
Get egg from top of clock.

Put mirror in monster's arms. (from fireplace)
Make sure the hatch is open.
Leave wreath on table.

Put wreath in fireplace.
Put firewood (on shelf) in fireplace.
Put ledge in fireplace.
Put pan on table.
Put all ingredients (except poison and water) (four on fireplace, one from right shelf) in to the pan.
Put clock on shelf.

Put pan in (burning) fireplace.
Put clock on wall.

If you used the poison, the big guy turns to stone while the green monster is tossed out. Fun to see, but not the solution.


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