Monday, September 04, 2006

Domino Pressure

When I was a child, dominoes was one of my favorite games. Playing with my friends or stand them on edge in long lines, then topple the first and watch them fall serially.
This game is about the second use of dominoes mentioned above. The bones are on place and you have to find witch one to topple first in order to make all others fall. The last one will squash the tomato and the stage will end. If you click the right one additional time will be awarded, else you'll loose as many seconds as the sum of remaining bones.
Some stages are very hard to beat, especially when you're running out of time. For those stages you have three tomatoes(at the bottom right of the game screen) that can be used to instantly pass the stage.
A very addictive and challenging game, coming from Gamedesign.
The game's original page: Domino Pressure.
Information about dominoes on wikipedia.


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