Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Traffic Jammer JX - Cool Java Puzzle Game

This is the first time I write about a Java based game and the reason is that Flash and Shockwave games available online are numerous and better in quality than their competitors made in Java. So it's easier to find a good game written using one of Adobe's(and former Macromedia's) platforms. Today I decided to give Java a try and see if I can find something.
And so I found Traffic Jammer JX, witch is a well made Java Applet. It's a puzzle game and the story is about traffic control. Different coloured cars get on the road and have to be routed to the appropriate exit locations. To achieve this, coloured arrows are at your disposal to be placed on the cross roads and junctions.
The levels are of variable difficulty, starting from totally easy to get to very very hard ones that demand a lot of brain-squishing to solve. By the way, after you spend a minute on a level, a hint button is activated at the bottom toolbar. You can click that button to get some help.
The game's graphics are moderate for a game of this type. Nicely coloured objects with funny shapes and that's all. At the sound level things are very simplistic again, with no in-game music at all and a few sound effects that are disabled by default. To enable them, click the mute-unmute button located at the bottom right corner of the game screen.
Try playing the tutorial levels first, they will help get started.
To play it is required to have installed the Java Runtime Environment. Follow the link on the sidebar to get the latest release from Sun Microsystems.
The applet is coming from Crystal Squid.



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