Friday, September 08, 2006

Classic Snake remix in flash

Remember playing the classic snake game on your Nokia? Or, your friend's Nokia, or any of those variants spread around the world. Well, this one is far beyond of it's old fellow. It's packed with a lot of features, like choosing your snake's skin from a collection counting 90 skins in total and an option to change the skin randomly each time you start a level.
Another major feature is the way you control the snake and the snake's movement in general. Block by block movement is replaced by free 360 degrees movement, with the snake following your cursor.
Good graphics with lively colors, nice in-game music witch can be deactivated if you're bored hearing, cool levels and save/load option if you want to quit and continue later. A pause option could be useful though... Time to get addicted again!
Click the image above to start the game in it's own window, or go here to play in the original page.



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