Thursday, September 07, 2006

Soap Bubble - Help the bubble escape

Take the role of a little soap bubble that was playing peacefully with it's friends and got in trouble driven by it's curiosity. A hole behind a bush is where it all started: The bubble wanted to know what's inside and got trapped inside a strange tunnel. As the bubble, you have to guide yourself through the tunnel, hoping there's a way out at the end..
The game is pretty good, well coded and addictive. The graphics are very simple, but someone have to be enough talented to make a picture look so cool as this game's designer did. And there's an atmospheric background sound to enforce your feeling of being in a wet dark tunnel, along with various other sound effects.
To control the bubble use your keyboard's arrow keys. Even though the game is not very hard, you'll have to practice and get comfortable with the bubble's movement if you want to finish the game. Every time you pass a level a password will be shown so you can continue the game from this level is you loose. The problem is that the password is shown for a small period of time, so pause the game and note it somewhere before you forget it :)
The game is coming from Anders Gustafsson. Check out Strumaland, where he hosts his other creations.



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