Friday, September 15, 2006

Smashing - Arkanoid Flash Variant

Arkanoid is an arcade game with a great history and since it's first release at 1986 by Taito, it was ported on many platforms, including gaming consoles and personal computers. A lot of other games are inspired by Arkanoid and Smashing is another one. Of course Smashing is not the first flash game based on Arkanoid's idea. I've seen other games in the same style and I believe this is the best.
The game's rules are as follows: You have to break all the bricks on each level to move on to the next one. To do so, target the little ball on them by using the pad at the bottom of the screen, witch is under your control to move sideways. If you miss to bounce the ball on the pad, the ball will get out of the game's screen and you'll loose a pad. When you run out of pads, it's game over.
Various power ups are hidden inside the bricks and when the ball hits them, you can pick them up and make your task easier. Beware though, because some of them are not power ups and have negative effects, like reducing the pad's length.
To conclude, this game is a good variant of Arkanoid but I believe it could be better. Sometimes you can't predict the ball's direction after it bounces on the pad. In other games the ball's direction depends on the point of the pad it bounces on. That's an issue reducing the game's overall gameplay value.
To try it out yourself, click the image above(game will open in it's own window) or follow this link to Totebo Online Games. To learn more about Arkanoid's history, you can read this article from Wikipedia.



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