Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sycolux - Innovative block clustering game

Block clustering games are very popular and fun to play, with the category counting numerous titles. Bright examples are Tetris and Puzzle Bobble(or Bust-a-Move). In this kind of games the player's target is to cluster blocks of the same color, or create lines of blocks or various other combinations in order to clear the games panel. New blocks are falling from the panel's top and the game continues until the panel fills with blocks. There's no more space left so the player looses.
The innovation in Sycolux is that the panel will randomly spin and flip, or even zoom in or out. This makes the game more challenging, because the player have to focus on the new state of the panel each time flipping occurs. Another feature of the game is it's splitted game panel, with blocks coming from each side and the ability to transfer a block between them. And there's a Laser Gun mode where instead of clustering the blocks, you simply shoot them. This mode is unlocked if you manage to cluster three "special" blocks of the same color.
The game's graphics are alright, but the sprites have a blurry look and could be better. At sound level the game performs pretty good, having clear sound effects and cool background music.
Here's the link: Sycolux @



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