Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Guffy the Ghost: So Bite Me

You are Guffy the Ghost and you have some serious trouble! Pumpkin-headed juice-thirsty vampires are coming against you to suck your juice. Kick and punch as many of them as you can before they drain you empty.. For each vampire you take out, the Guffy meter on the right goes up a bit. When there is enough Guffy power, you can release Guffy's special power and take out every vampire around you, by pressing the space keyboard button. The higher the level of the meter, the more point you'll get for each vampire taken out with this special move.

So Bite Me is a good way to keep yourself occupied for a while, being enjoyable, fast and simple. It features nice flash graphics, satisfactory sound effects and raw background music. It is hosted at Big, Flat and Twisted website, where you can find more funny games in the same style, all sponsored by Capri-Sun.

Link: Guffy the Ghost: So Bite Me



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