Saturday, September 30, 2006

Panic! Coin-op arcade style shooter

Got yourself too lazy and need a game to waste your time? Panic is what you're looking for. With it's simple coin-op arcade style, it's a good way to have some fun. The game's idea is very close to Astro-Panic, a game released for Commodore 64 back in 1984.
Your objective is to shoot down all the flying saucers in the screen before one of them hits your space ship. For every wave of saucers you clear, another saucer is added on the next level, faster and though harder to eliminate. The higher you hit a saucer and the faster it is, the more points you get. Panic features a highscore list also, a fact that could make you go for another game after you loose.
The game's visuals are following the arcade theme, so everything you see is made of back, grey and white lines, spiced up with red coloured particle effects to animate the destruction of a saucer. Background music is in the same style and so are the sound effects. Plain sounds combined, bringing a good result in sum. An option to disable music could be useful though, in case the player is bored to hear the same track repeatedly. There's an option to disable sound completely, but this way you will not hear the sound effects.
Panic has pretty easy gameplay and you'll get in the mood as soon as you start playing. To move around use your mouse. Click the left mouse button to shoot. And that's all.
A good game coming from Coin-Op Interactive, created by Sander van der Vegte.
Link: Panic!
Historical information: Astro-Panic 1984 review page A and page B.

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