Wednesday, October 11, 2006

SWFRoads - SkyRoads Remake in flash

It looks like game programmers who make games using Macromedia's Flash platform like to create remakes of classic games. You can verify this statement by simply performing a search on Google for the keywords "flash remake". I've just tried it and got around 36.000 links on result. Maybe a remake is the easiest way to start programming, because you don't have to invent a game yourself. Or you like the original so much and you want to recreate it in flash.

Anyway, SwfRoads is another flash game of the previously discussed category, being a remake of SkyRoads, a racing game released back in 1993. Your target is to lead your spaceship on the game's "roads" without falling into outer space, or crashing onto walls. The control of the spaceship is accomplished through the use of your keyboard's arrow keys. Up arrow to accelerate, down to decelerate, left and right to move towards the equivalent direction. You can also jump using the space bar or the shift key.

SwfRoads features very simple, yet enough addictive gameplay. Try a level and you'll realise that driving a spaceship on sky roads can be a very enjoying way to waste your time. On the graphics side, don't expect anything flashy. As for the music, thing aren't the same. The game has a nice techno soundtrack creating a "need for speed" feeling to the player.

Link: SwfRoads



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this is the best game ever!!!!! thanx...alot...:)

At 1:40 PM, Anonymous girl games said...

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