Friday, October 13, 2006

Pixel Blaster - Intense Flash Shooter

Tom Thornton, author of and flash game programmer, has just released his latest creation. It's a shooter game named Pixel Blaster. Like in many other shooters, you take control of a ship and try to shoot down all the enemy ships coming against you in waves.

The most interesting thing about Pixel Blaster is it's extra fast gameplay. The enemy ships just keep coming, leaving you no time to rest at all. To survive you have to be on the alert constantly, shooting and collecting power ups left by destroyed enemy ships. There's two types of power ups in the game. One to replenish your health and one for your energy. Energy is used to shoot heavier blasts from your cannon and make more damage.

Move your ship around using W, S, A and D keys or the arrow keys of your keyboard. Aim your cannon using the mouse and fire by clicking the mouse button. To charge your cannon hold the mouse button for a while. The longer you hold it down, the more energy will be charged and the heavier your shots will be.

Conclusion: Pixel Blaster is an awesome flash shooter and the most of it comes out of the fast gameplay. Graphics are good enough for a game of this kind, sound effects blend good with every game event and there's cool Drum n' Base background music to get you in the mood.

Link: Pixel Blaster @ Thorgaming



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