Friday, October 06, 2006

Cluedo Cop Star- Investigate online

Hasbro is hosting an online version of it's popular crime fiction board game, Cluedo. This version is named Cluedo Cop Star and it went online on 22nd September. To play you'll have to register for an account, a process very easy and non time-consuming. The game is a kind of online contest, with big prices to be won from the top players. Check out the web page for information on this.

The game is very similar to the original board game, with the difference that the online version is divided into four episodes. There was one episode available to play at the start. One episode is added each week for the following three weeks. Once you reach the end of an episode, you'll have to make an accusation and you'll progress to the next one if it's available.You'll keep all the Inventory items and casebook notes you've collected from previous episodes.

The game in general is very good looking and professionally made. I got stuck playing it for about 2 hours before writing this review, when I finished the first two episodes that are available until now. At the end of the second one, after I made my accusation, a message box shown up saying that I will be informed by email when the next episode will be available to play. I can't wait for it! It's too cool, really. Well, maybe because I love Cluedo soooo much :)

Cluedo Cop Star's gameplay is in the style of point-and-click adventures, spiced up with the board game's storyline and special elements. Use the map to move around the mansion's rooms. There you can collect items to your inventory, ask suspects questions about the murder or about the items you collected or combine items in your inventory with other items in the room to find new clues. Everything you find is recorded to your casebook and you'll have to examine this information in the end of the chapter to make your accusation.

The only thing the game misses is in-game music and more sound effects. But I'm sure you'll enjoy it even like that. Follow the link bellow.

Link: Cluedo Cop Star

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