Monday, October 09, 2006

Twin Spin III - Nice minigame

Twin Spin III is a simple and addictive minigame coming from GlobZ, a french game production company. Your aim is to pop all of the balloons on each of the game's 24 levels.

The interesting part is the way you move in the game. You control two smileys connected through an axon between them. To understand this better take a look of the picture on the left. At any time, one of the smileys is settled to the ground and the other one is rotating. Once you click, you make them switch roles. And this is the way you move around.

To pop a balloon, one of the smileys has to touch them. Some of the balloons can only be popped by the red smiley and others only by the yellow one. My description may be confusing but I'm sure you'll understand everything as soon as you start playing.

The TwinSpin III performs pretty good for a minigame, featuring nice graphics and addicting gameplay. I have to mention though that there's no in-game music or sound effects at all.

Link: TwinSpin III @ GlobZ

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