Friday, September 22, 2006

Final Fortress - Flash Strategy

Final Fortress is a "defend your base" flash strategy and shooting game. Like in most of games of this style you control a cannon and have the option to buy various upgrades and weapons to enhance your base's defence against the waves of enemy troops coming to take you down. At the end of each level, you are awarded with money depending on the results of your defending and shooting accuracy. You can spend the money to upgrade your base and repair your units. This is the strategic part of the game. If you want to survive you have to deploy new units in the right place and the same time save money for repairing them.
The visuals are good, with nice sprites used for the units, realistic images for the battle field and cool explosion animations. The sound is good also, every event of the game is accompanied by a proper sound effect and there's battly music in the title screen to get you in to the mood.
If you like this kind of games you'll enjoy playing Final Fortress and probably will finish the demo levels, but I personally wouldn't spend 14.95$ to buy the full version.
Click the image above to play the game in it's own window. If you're reading this post through an aggregator this will not work.
External link: Final Fortress

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