Saturday, September 23, 2006

Zwok - Multiplayer madness!

Have you ever played Worms? The funny turn-based game where you control a group of worms armed with crazy fire-power and battle against another group of worms? Well, Zwok is very similar to it. Except that you don't control worms but only one funny guy, you don't have so many weapons to choose from and you can only play in multiplayer. The game has two teams, the Blooz and the Grienz. When you enter the game for the first time, you can easily create a new account for free, customize your character appearance and join one of the game's teams.
And then the action begins! You are randomly placed in a game with two members of your team and battle against three opponents of the other team. Gameplay is very simple: On each round you have ten seconds to move, choose your weapon, aim and fire. To move use the left and right arrow keys of your keyboard. Everything else is done with your mouse. The team that takes out every member of the opposite team wins. Zwok also features a ranking system where your rank is determined by the points you score during the games and by your shot accuracy.
Go ahead and try it out, it's totally enjoying! If you're bored to create an account, you can choose the available "I'm Lazy" option to check if you like it or not.
Link: Zwok game.

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