Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Samorost 1&2 - Weird Adventure games

Samorost is a point and click adventure game with the story going on at a strange meteor-sized planet. You control a funny guy who's the habitant of this tiny planet and help him to get past his troubles. The game in overall is very clever, demanding from the player to solve various riddles. You cannot distinguish those riddles for their complexity or difficulty, but you can certainly do for the smart way they affect the story's progress.
The game's graphics consist of very good looking artwork spiced up with fine animation. I really like the extraordinary theme used to compose the game's world. And there's cool background music helping you to get in Samorost's atmosphere. Of course, the game is armed with the necessary sound effects to accompany every event.
Everything in the game is done by pointing your mouse clicking over the items on the screen. That's why it's called "point and click". So, to progress you'll have to find where to click next in order to activate the next event in the story. Some times you'll have to click at certain time periods or in synchronisation with other events. Experiment a bit and you'll find the way.
First I found and played Samorost 2, after finishing it I wanted more so I tried the original. Both of them are pretty cool, but the second one is a demo version where you can only complete the first chapter of the game's two in total.
Samorost 2
Game created by Amanita Design.



At 4:11 PM, Blogger Keith said...

You got that one correct, it looks *Weird*... Never been a fan of those kinda games, I prefer 1st person Shooters and racing sims...


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