Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tontie ver.1 - Crazy "Hit the Mole" game

Tontie is a game coming from Eyezmaze, a talented Japanese game designer who has created a series of beautiful games like GROW and Vanilla. Check his site and you'll understand what I'm talking about. All of his games have a special Japanese style, from graphics to level up features.
This one, named Tontie, is in the style of those "Hit the Mole" games. But, while the majority of those games are mouse controlled, Tontie utilizes your numeric keyboard to achieve the same goal. All of the game's controls are done using the numpad and you'll realize that as soon as you start the game.
Eyezmaze injected his level-up system in Tontie by using coins. When you hit one of those "moles" sometimes they'll leave a coin or more behind them. Hit the coins to collect them. When you have enough, hit the store(witch appears in the same way the "moles" do) and a menu will become available for you to spend your coins. You can by health, new hammers and power-ups to make your life easier.
I really liked playing this game because of the variety of "moles", the previous mentioned level-up system, the funny in game music and sound effects and it's fast gameplay. In total, the game can stand as a complete flash game and I believe it worth a try. Possibly you'll get addicted for a while.
Here's the original page. Click the image above to play Tontie in it's own window.



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