Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Johnny Rocketfingers 2 - Exceptionally Unique

Ryan Khatam, owner of has created this awesome point click adventure game. It's a sequel to the original Johnny Rocketfingers, go ahead and check it out if you like to have a better image of this extreme character before driving him in his new adventure.

The game reminded me of the time way back when I was playing the old classic Monkey Island. It's the same, good and tested gameplay of adventure games where you can click here and there to move the character, interact with other persons in the game, examine objects, collect, use and so on.

The best part of adventure games is their riddles. The harder they are, the greater the filling of satisfaction when you solve them. You'll have to search every corner and check twice if you've missed something, because this something is probably what you need to get the story go on. When all of the above of this is mixed with a good story about underground life and spiced up with the proper dose of humor, Johnny Rocketfingers 2 is what comes out.

Not to forget the wonderful artwork and the excellent in game music, given that this is a flash game. My only complain is about the game's length. When I reached the end and watched the ending scene, I got a strong feeling of incompleteness. Maybe I have to wait for the next sequel now..

Note: This game includes a lot of content inappropriate for youth audience.
Link: Johnny Rocketfingers 2



At 1:07 PM, Blogger ryan said...

thanks for the nice review, man! :)


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