Saturday, September 24, 2011

Learn 2 Fly - This penguin off a ledge

It's been a really long time since the blog's been last updated. But well a lot of stuff been going on and I am now a new author to this blog, I'm actually the brother of XFrag.

After this little introduction let's continue with the review :P I've been searching for some days to find a good flash game and I didn't think that it will take a lot of time but I was in for a surprise. Eventually I stumbled upon this little game here, which won me in the first few minutes. There's nothing I like more than good humor and the game made me smile at the start menu: "Start Game" or "Start Muted (I'm undercover)"

I started the game and a cinematic took place which was a really pleasant surprise. The point of this game is to make that little penguin's device fly and destroy some obstacles from the Snowman to the WALL. You start with a small amount of money and you get more by accomplishing impressive flights. You spend your money on upgrading your ledge, fuel and your arsenal. Your arsenal has it all,from kites to small aircrafts and dynamites for extra boost.

The gameplay is easy you only use the keyboard to control the device's angle. If you turn up you'll start losing speed due to the wind's resistance but get height. If you turn down you'll start losing height but gaining speed; fast. But the red bar on you speed meter means that you've gone over your device's speed limit and you don't actually go quicker you just get more wind resistance so it's a smart move to turn up. Explaining the whole game mechanics will take the game's fun away, you've got to learn how to fly!

The music is cool and it builds up as you gain speed. There are some funny animations and simple yet beautiful design. I found the game original since I've never seen something like it, it's not your standard flying simulation game and it's really worth checking out. See you on the air and have fun!

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