Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Guffy the Ghost: So Bite Me

You are Guffy the Ghost and you have some serious trouble! Pumpkin-headed juice-thirsty vampires are coming against you to suck your juice. Kick and punch as many of them as you can before they drain you empty.. For each vampire you take out, the Guffy meter on the right goes up a bit. When there is enough Guffy power, you can release Guffy's special power and take out every vampire around you, by pressing the space keyboard button. The higher the level of the meter, the more point you'll get for each vampire taken out with this special move.

So Bite Me is a good way to keep yourself occupied for a while, being enjoyable, fast and simple. It features nice flash graphics, satisfactory sound effects and raw background music. It is hosted at Big, Flat and Twisted website, where you can find more funny games in the same style, all sponsored by Capri-Sun.

Link: Guffy the Ghost: So Bite Me


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Physics Centered Games

No time to blog at all! So just to say I posted something here, I recommend you to take a look at this post from Soldat Movies: Physics Centered Games. It's a list of links to games somehow related with physics. A lot of games to waste your time!

I'll come back with more game reviews as soon as I manage to finish all the pending tasks that are hunting me right now :)


Friday, October 13, 2006

Pixel Blaster - Intense Flash Shooter

Tom Thornton, author of ThorGaming.com and flash game programmer, has just released his latest creation. It's a shooter game named Pixel Blaster. Like in many other shooters, you take control of a ship and try to shoot down all the enemy ships coming against you in waves.

The most interesting thing about Pixel Blaster is it's extra fast gameplay. The enemy ships just keep coming, leaving you no time to rest at all. To survive you have to be on the alert constantly, shooting and collecting power ups left by destroyed enemy ships. There's two types of power ups in the game. One to replenish your health and one for your energy. Energy is used to shoot heavier blasts from your cannon and make more damage.

Move your ship around using W, S, A and D keys or the arrow keys of your keyboard. Aim your cannon using the mouse and fire by clicking the mouse button. To charge your cannon hold the mouse button for a while. The longer you hold it down, the more energy will be charged and the heavier your shots will be.

Conclusion: Pixel Blaster is an awesome flash shooter and the most of it comes out of the fast gameplay. Graphics are good enough for a game of this kind, sound effects blend good with every game event and there's cool Drum n' Base background music to get you in the mood.

Link: Pixel Blaster @ Thorgaming


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

SWFRoads - SkyRoads Remake in flash

It looks like game programmers who make games using Macromedia's Flash platform like to create remakes of classic games. You can verify this statement by simply performing a search on Google for the keywords "flash remake". I've just tried it and got around 36.000 links on result. Maybe a remake is the easiest way to start programming, because you don't have to invent a game yourself. Or you like the original so much and you want to recreate it in flash.

Anyway, SwfRoads is another flash game of the previously discussed category, being a remake of SkyRoads, a racing game released back in 1993. Your target is to lead your spaceship on the game's "roads" without falling into outer space, or crashing onto walls. The control of the spaceship is accomplished through the use of your keyboard's arrow keys. Up arrow to accelerate, down to decelerate, left and right to move towards the equivalent direction. You can also jump using the space bar or the shift key.

SwfRoads features very simple, yet enough addictive gameplay. Try a level and you'll realise that driving a spaceship on sky roads can be a very enjoying way to waste your time. On the graphics side, don't expect anything flashy. As for the music, thing aren't the same. The game has a nice techno soundtrack creating a "need for speed" feeling to the player.

Link: SwfRoads


Monday, October 09, 2006

Twin Spin III - Nice minigame

Twin Spin III is a simple and addictive minigame coming from GlobZ, a french game production company. Your aim is to pop all of the balloons on each of the game's 24 levels.

The interesting part is the way you move in the game. You control two smileys connected through an axon between them. To understand this better take a look of the picture on the left. At any time, one of the smileys is settled to the ground and the other one is rotating. Once you click, you make them switch roles. And this is the way you move around.

To pop a balloon, one of the smileys has to touch them. Some of the balloons can only be popped by the red smiley and others only by the yellow one. My description may be confusing but I'm sure you'll understand everything as soon as you start playing.

The TwinSpin III performs pretty good for a minigame, featuring nice graphics and addicting gameplay. I have to mention though that there's no in-game music or sound effects at all.

Link: TwinSpin III @ GlobZ

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Chaos Faction - Senseless Beating

Dissolute Productions has created this extra-enjoying, crazy beat 'em up game bearing the name Chaos Faction. Those two words are enough to fully describe the game's theme. It's about beating up your opponents until only one remains standing on the arena.

If you're familiar with beat 'em up games, like Street Fighter, Mortal Combat or their younger cousin Tekken, then you'll find out that Chaos Faction's gameplay is in the same style. Choose a character, choose an arena, then start beating! Graphics are simple, colorful and funny. The game has good animation and is very fast. This is the reason why it won't let you let it so easy. Nice in game music will accompany your efforts to make your opponents rest in peace and clean, accurate sound effects will be there triggered by every game event.

You can try one of the game's three modes in total: Campaign mode, where you try to beat every enemy on all levels available, unlocking new characters and weapons on your success. Deathmatch mode, where you can set up a game with many opponents and on any level. The players that scores the most kills is the winner. The last mode is Survival, where you try to beat as many opponents as possible, before they beat you up. In this mode you are able to submit your score to the online highscore list hosted on the game's server.

In total I can say that this is the best flash game in this category I've ever played. Although, I have to warn you: before you start playing think twice if you have anything else to get done, Chaos Faction is going to reduce your productivity time considerably. At least for today...
Note: The game's size is about 6.5 MB, so take this in count if your internet connection is slow. It'll take over 10 minutes to load on a 56k modem. You can download it on your PC if you like, by following the second link below.

Link: Chaos Faction @ CrazyMonkeyGames.com
Download Link: Chaos Faction Download

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Cluedo Cop Star- Investigate online

Hasbro is hosting an online version of it's popular crime fiction board game, Cluedo. This version is named Cluedo Cop Star and it went online on 22nd September. To play you'll have to register for an account, a process very easy and non time-consuming. The game is a kind of online contest, with big prices to be won from the top players. Check out the web page for information on this.

The game is very similar to the original board game, with the difference that the online version is divided into four episodes. There was one episode available to play at the start. One episode is added each week for the following three weeks. Once you reach the end of an episode, you'll have to make an accusation and you'll progress to the next one if it's available.You'll keep all the Inventory items and casebook notes you've collected from previous episodes.

The game in general is very good looking and professionally made. I got stuck playing it for about 2 hours before writing this review, when I finished the first two episodes that are available until now. At the end of the second one, after I made my accusation, a message box shown up saying that I will be informed by email when the next episode will be available to play. I can't wait for it! It's too cool, really. Well, maybe because I love Cluedo soooo much :)

Cluedo Cop Star's gameplay is in the style of point-and-click adventures, spiced up with the board game's storyline and special elements. Use the map to move around the mansion's rooms. There you can collect items to your inventory, ask suspects questions about the murder or about the items you collected or combine items in your inventory with other items in the room to find new clues. Everything you find is recorded to your casebook and you'll have to examine this information in the end of the chapter to make your accusation.

The only thing the game misses is in-game music and more sound effects. But I'm sure you'll enjoy it even like that. Follow the link bellow.

Link: Cluedo Cop Star

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Online Games Directory has a new header!

I've just finished editing the blog's template and you can see the results above, at the blog's header. Actually, this is the only part of the template I've changed today, but it took me a lot of editing in Photoshop and Illustrator to make it the way I wanted. I'm satisfied and I can say I like it much more than the previous, lame header that I had.

This is the first blog I've ever created and the first site I've ever run. I have many other things in my mind about the site's future that I'm looking forward to carry into effect one by one. I've been pretty busy lately studying for the exams at the university, so I couldn't do many posts or anything else here. My last class exams are on next Friday. After this I will spend more time to bring you fresh game news and make this blog better!

Back to the header now. As I said, I'm satisfied of the result. But I don't know what my visitors think and I'm pretty curious about the answer. Please leave a comment and tell me, I'll appreciate your opinion.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Click Drag Type 3 - Brain teasers

A young computer science student at South Dakota State University, Andrew VanHeuklon, has made this wonderful collection of puzzles and collected them all in one release. If you like solving riddles, this is the case for you.
Click Drag Type 3 has 15 puzzles, each one entirely stand-alone and independent of the others. The release contain 10 puzzles from the previous 2 games with the rest being the new ones. There's no clues about what to do or where to start from, it's all up to you to determine the way of solving them. All you know is that you can click or drag items with your mouse and type with your keyboard.
Andrew also added a "Behind the Scenes" feature, with is enabled after you finish a puzzle and lets you know more about the game's creation. And there's a timer to count your total playing time. What I most liked in this game is the felling of self-confidence that you get after solving a puzzle. This is what made me go ahead and try the next one and then the next one and so on, until I solved them all! :) So there's a lot addictiveness involved in playing Click Drag Type and this adds a lot to the game's total value.
Nice work Andrew! Keep on providing the world with whatever else you have in your head, I'm sure it's going to be awesome!
Link: Click Drag Type 3
The game is hosted by HybridArcade.com