Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Nobuyuki Forces 3 - Japanese Style Shooter

Nobuyuki Forces 3 is a fine action shooter, borrowing it's gameplay and style from Sega's famous Virtua Cop series of games. The character moves through the game's areas in a predefined way, and all of the shooting action have to be performed by the player. I always liked this type of games, because of fast gameplay that keeps you in alert all the time.

The game's story is common. A super agent girl has to attack the enemy's headquarters, kill everyone in her way and take out the boss. Reminds me of many titles, with the first coming to my mind being Metal Gear Solid. Well, this one doesn't even touch Metal Gear's greatness, but it follows its path anyway.

Controls couldn't be simpler: press the space key to get in shooting position, aim with your mouse and press the left mouse button to shoot. When you run out of bullets you have to reload and you do so by pressing the left mouse button while in hiding position. Under certain circumstances you'll be awarded with various power ups like infinite bullets, shotguns and rifles. And be sure to check the area when the character moves from place to place. There's power ups spread around that you can pick up by clicking on them.

In total, the game performs very good and will keep you occupied for a while, especially if you like this type of games. Cool graphics and good sound effects tie together with fast gameplay to form an addictive game. In game music could be better though.

Note: The game could take a bit to load, be patient..
Link: Nobuyuki Forces 3

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