Monday, January 08, 2007

Boxhead - The Rooms

There's so many games having a story based on zombies and people do not stop producing more! Asking my self the question "why zombies are so attractive?" I reach the following conclusion: Zombies cannot think, so it's easy to place them any ware without any reason. Zombies do not have a soul, so there's no problem to kill huge numbers of them. And finally, zombies hunt people and someone have to stop them.

Having the above conclusion as a motivation, someone can easily decide to create a game with zombies. I believe this is the case with Boxhead - The Rooms. It is a fine shoot 'em up title witch can totally absorb you. When you begin it will be very easy, a few zombies coming against you. No problem for your pistol. Before you know it, you'll be fighting for your life surrounded by tens of them, using a rocket-launcher to take them out!

The game features nice pixel-art graphics, with the characters having a funny shape like being made out of boxes. And there's detailed visual effects from gun fires and explosions to blood stains left back by killed zombies on the floor. Good sound effects are present too, but no in-game music.

The game is fully controlled by the keyboard: Arrow keys to move around, space bar to shoot and 1-9 keys to select weapons. Could be easier to aim using the mouse though..

Link: Boxhead - The Rooms

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At 7:01 AM, Anonymous Calvin said...

This is a funny game that you can enjoying killng. However, better dont let the kid play this
By the way, your blog is great


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